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771 Kristina 35

Updated: Aug 24

Age: 35

City: Bali

Country: Indonesia

Height: 169

Weight: 54 kg

Marital status: divorced

Eyes Color: hazel-green

Hair Color: blond

Religion: christian

Children: boy(2017) Looking for an age range: 35-45

Occupation: Own tour company, organize author's tours Language: English basic

Drinking: yes, socially Smoking: no Level education: university degree Zodiac sign: Leo

More about lady:


I am an open, active, kind, sensitive, and tactile girl. I am confident, which helps me know what I want and strive towards my dreams. Communication and socializing are essential to me, and as a result, I have many good friends and acquaintances. I enjoy energizing people with positivity and bringing them together, and in return, I always receive gratitude and joy, which fulfills me.

In fact, I have learned to find pleasure in many things, such as nature, the sun, walking along the ocean, sports, favorite music, tactile contact, and embracing loved ones. I have settled into a certain rhythm of life that fulfills me: I start my mornings with Kundalini yoga breathing practices. Throughout the week, I play tennis and beach volleyball, go to the gym, and ride my bike. Once a week, I meet up with my girlfriends. I love self-development books, and the process of gaining new knowledge and experience drives me towards new discoveries and goals.

Currently, my priority is to create a family with someone with whom I can find harmony, love, and comfort. I envision traveling together, growing together, spending enjoyable time, raising children, and being an example for them. It is important for me not to lose my identity; while everyone can be occupied with their pursuits, shared goals, love, and trust should bring us together. Developing my business, maintaining my physical well-being and beauty, and acquiring new knowledge are equally important to me.

Description of ideal partner:

By my side, I see a gallant, respectful, confident, and decisive man. It is important to me that he loves to care for and show concern for his woman. He should be active, reliable, responsible, brave, strong, intelligent, and determined. How he views family and his relationship with his parents is crucial to me as well. I desire someone kind and generous, with a sense of humor, who takes life lightly and loves traveling because we have many exciting places to discover together on this planet.

Feeling comfortable with my partner and living in prosperity and coziness are important to me. It is also worth noting that I cannot be with a man who does not support my active lifestyle. I truly hope to meet someone with whom we can build harmonious relationships based on trust and understanding because supporting each other, being proud of each other's achievements, and allowing freedom are the pillars of healthy and conscious relationships.

Does she want to live in a city or a countryside ?

Two variants are possible.

Does she want to work or stay at home after moving to her husband`s country ?

It will depends on country of my future husband but I'm open for both ways.

Will she be ready to spend 2nd date without interpreter ?


Does she like to cook ?

I can and love to cook. I also love it when a man enjoys preparing signature dishes.

What kind of things she can`t accept in a man ?

I never will acept lies. It will be finish our relationship.

Is she ready to have a relationship with a man who already has children ?


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