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How to understand that relationships with Ukrainian woman will work for you?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Everyday we are getting hundreds of requests of our potential clients who want to find Ukrainian woman for marriage. Many of you think about that as a beautiful dream, but in reality this relationships won't work for all.

So for which type of man relations with Ukrainian lady will be perfect and what you can expect from Ukrainian wife?

First- is that Ukrainian lady will definitely will be good match for man with traditional family values. Where the man is a head of the family and woman likes to be in traditional female role: take care of children,cook delicious dinners, make the house home. Like we say in Ukraine: man take care of everything outside of the house, protect woman and family, and woman take care of everything inside the house. That what will make both happy.

Second is that lady will deffinetly expect for man who lead her, and be kind of pushy. For western men sometimes it sounds weird, they say something like "common Yuliia, I'm not that desperate to call her and write her all the time first" But guys, you need to understand that it's a part of a culture, and if you like woman you need to show it. Not to meet her one time and after wait for her actions. It can work in on a west, but not for Ukrainian women.

And aslo you need to build trust and show that you are real man and can take care of her and maybe her or your future children, no ghosting, no uncertainty, our ladies don't like and won't accept man who don't know what he want in life, don't know how to meet or how to manage her problems. The main point is that woman she needs to change her life completely, move to your country, far from her friends and relatives, and for that your trust level needs to be really high.

And in the end, what you can expect from Ukrainian wife?

All my clients who got married with our ladies they said the same things. "I never expect all the great qualities that you are dreaming about can be in one woman!"

She is caring, supportive, she is so beautiful and can take care of herself, she is fun and I can talk to her like a very good friend, but in the same time she is feminine and knows how to make man happy... this is why Ukrainian women are, and if you feel that it's something that answering your criteria - don't hesitate to contact us!

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