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FAQ PrincessDate Matchmaking:

Q: What is a matchmaking service?

A: A matchmaking service is a service that connects individuals together who are looking for a romantic relationship. The service typically involves an extensive interview process followed by personalized individual and group match suggestions.


Q: What are the benefits of using a matchmaking service?

A: Matchmaking services offer personalized attention, privacy and screening of potential partners to ensure that the individuals you meet are compatible with your personality, values and goals.


Q: Who can benefit from a matchmaking service?

A: Anyone who is serious about finding a long-term, meaningful relationship can benefit from using a matchmaking service. Men and women of all ages are welcome.


Q: How does a matchmaking service differ from online dating?

A: A matchmaking service provides personalized and professional assistance to help individuals navigate the dating world while online dating is a self-directed effort. Matchmakers offer their expertise and guidance throughout the process, which online dating platforms do not offer.


Q: How much does a matchmaking service cost?

A: Matchmaking services vary in price, and some companies offer payment plans. For a personalized service, fees can range from 1300 of dollars depending on the level of service.


Q: Are there any guarantees that I will meet someone using a matchmaking service?

A: We guarantee that you will meet your potential matches and from side of agency we will do our best to help you to improve this relationships. Matchmaking services provide access to a wider pool of potential partners, so it increases the likelihood of meeting someone compatible. 

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