How long it will take to get married

Many of you ask how long it will take to get married using our marriage agency in Ukraine

If any agency tells you that in one month you will meet the perfect woman, you can be sure they're not telling the truth.

And truth is, for some men finding the right woman is really easy and fast, others need to come to Ukraine 2-3 times and meet a lot of ladies to find the one eventually.

In our agency, we had a successful case when a man had a video call with a girl, after one month he came to Ukraine and met her, and in one more month they got married. 

There's a "but": that man was highly motivated and ready for a relationship, he knew what he wanted, and he really did all he had to do to get married and have a happy family. 

Other men need much more time in our matchmaking agency, we've had clients who spoke with 20 ladies and only after that they got their result. It's not that easy to predict how many months you'll need to meet the right woman, but the most important thing is that you have to be focused on your main goal -- finding a wife to live happily with her.

Matchmaking Agency is just a tool, that you use for your own happiness. We can introduce you to one million wonderful girls, but if subconsciously you have fears, or previous relationships traumatized you too much, or you are stuck in a previous relationship, no agency in this world can help you find love.

WE GUARANTEE RESULTS to every serious and genuine man, but you need to answer to yourself, if your heart is open to this beautiful feeling called love. 

How to be successful in relationships 

We have big experience in working with couples, especially international couples, and trust me, it is complicated. Mostly all of our couples have huge difficulties when they start their international relationships.

Here I want to share with you some information that really can help you. Here's how to get the result you want and also what's helped our couples to stay together be happy:

  1. Be open to new things, especially new mentality

  2. Trust each other, because anyway for some time you'll have to be far from each other and it's really not that easy to keep calm when you are not together all the time

  3. Support each other and try to understand another point of view. Being supportive and non-judgmental is very important, so with that your partner will relax and can really open up from his or her best sides

  4. Be active and work on your relationships! When you live together it’s important to work on it, BUT, when you live far from each other, don’t expect that your relationships will sort themselves out! No, they won’t. One thing that could help you is thinking everyday about how you can improve your relationships, and of course it should come from both sides 

  5. Don’t look for perfection! You are not perfect like no-one is in this world, so don’t wait for a supermodel or a billionaire! The fastest result get those people who are down-to-earth and for whom finding a life partner is more important then a beautiful image.

  6. Listen to your matchmaker :) Many guys say that they are in an agency, but they don’t need any advice. We don’t give the advice to show you that you don’t know something, but to help you and maybe to change a little bit the ways you've had before (which actually didn’t bring you any result).


And finally, we are the agency that really cares. We care about our clients as if they are our best friends or relatives. Everything we do in our dating agency Princess Date is for you to get your result as soon as possible!

Why it is usually so expensive to join a Matchmaking agency in Ukraine

First and foremost, Ukrainian girls or Russian girls usually never pay to join a Matchmaking agency. 

That’s why when you join, you have to pay double price for double services for women you actually do not know yet.


In my agency ladies PAY to join and to be in my database, because my reputation as a matchmaker is very high and Ukrainian and Russian ladies are ready to pay to work with me.


That’s why you don’t need to pay double price, so our prices are affordable or all!


I've made this program because my dream is to make as many couples as I can meet through my agency and get married!