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Dating a single Ukrainian woman who speaks good English

Many of our agency's clients wonder if it's possible to meet a Ukrainian woman who speaks good English. It's one of the most common questions we get because the language barrier is a concern for those considering international dating. So, let's try and clarify this matter for those who are unsur

Stereotypes about the level of education of Ukrainian girls

Stereotypes about education in Ukraine often stem from limited knowledge about the country. In reality, Ukrainians are among the most educated nations, with almost 80 percent of the population holding higher education degrees.

So, do women in Ukraine speak English?

Statistics show that approximately 50 percent of Ukrainian girls have some English proficiency and speak at varying levels. Let’s list some of the common reasons for them to study the language:

  • School. Most Ukrainian schools and universities have the English language as a compulsory subject. Despite the fact that the teaching level might not be very high, people still get some basic knowledge they can develop later in life.

  • Work. Many women, especially those who own their own businesses, work in the sphere of medicine, IT, international trade, etc. study English to be able to use it effectively at their workplaces.

  • Travel. Ukrainian women love traveling! And of course, English, being the language of international communication, is the most useful tool.

  • International dating.

That’s right, having an international relationship can inspire a Ukrainian to speak English. We know countless cases of women who have enrolled in language courses after meeting someone special through our agency. Ukrainian women are known for their wit and quick grasp of new knowledge, and motivation plays a crucial role here. If Ukraine women chat with or talk to the man they like daily, they can become fluent in no time!

Where and how to meet a beautiful Ukrainian woman who speaks good English?

This is another question most men have. Many want to meet Ukrainian women who know English, but they are unsure where to find them. While social networking sites and dating apps may seem like obvious choices where one can chat with Ukraine women, the trust factor in such spaces is quite low, and women may not take message requests from random guys seriously. 

That's why a matchmaking agency is the ultimate place to meet English-speaking Ukrainian women. Through a matchmaking agency, you get introduced to a lady, which eliminates doubts about your intentions or attitude. Moreover, you can already know if a woman has some knowledge of English from her profile, and if it's essential for you, the agency's managers can make a selection of girls based on this parameter.

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