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Dating a single Ukrainian lady who has children, but they do not live with her

Kids in Ukraine typically separate from their parents around the same age as in the US – usually, when they start the university. They may move to another city, move in with friends, or even a partner. The age is typically around 17-18, with some exceptions of course. In 90% of cases, if there's a divorce, the children stay with their mothers. This means that by the time a single mom reaches 38-40, she might start living apart from her kids, entering a new chapter of her life.

Reasons why single Ukrainian women live without their children

  • Allowing Kids Freedom and Autonomy: Ukrainian mothers can be protective but also value their children's independence. A single mom who has received little help from her ex-spouse wants her child, whether a son or daughter, to be self-reliant and capable.

  • Desire for Personal Fulfillment: Raising kids alone and without external support can be challenging. After their children move out, these mothers can finally find relaxation and enjoyment – dedicating time to their interests and perhaps even discovering new love.

  • Educational Pursuits in a Different City or Country: Often, children enroll in universities in larger cities that offer more opportunities, causing them to move out at ages 16-18. After graduation, they often remain in those cities to build their careers.

Advantages of dating a Ukrainian lady who lives apart from her children

Women at this life stage are more self-assured and confident, knowing what they want from life and who they want to share it with. Having dedicated years to raising their children, they now seek to embrace life's pleasures to the fullest. With such a woman by your side, you can relish life's joys together without unnecessary responsibilities. While having more children is an option, it's not a necessity, as it might be with women who haven't had children. You can travel, have fun, go out, and dedicate time to each other.


Speaking of younger girls with no kids, many still desire children. If that isn't on your life's agenda, it could pose significant issues and even lead to a breakup.

Where and how to meet a single Ukrainian lady who has children but does not live with them?

Conventional dating can make it challenging to ascertain whether a woman lives apart from her children until you meet and discuss the topic. However, with a matchmaking agency like ours, it's effortless. Just inform our manager about your preferences or note them in your application, and our team will find a woman who aligns with your criteria perfectly. If you're seeking a woman with children who live separately, let us know, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Visit our application page and apply today.

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