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Our Privileges


Princess Date Matchmaking is really unique and we are always trying to improve our service and make it more efficient for our clients. Providing the highest level in our matchmaking service, our agency really stands out to be more reliable and trustworthy than others.   

Our privileges are:


Database with serious people only

Clients of Princess Date marriage agency in Ukraine are single professionals mostly aged 30-49. We cooperate with women, who have good education and occupation in their country and who are really looking for a husband, so their main goal is to get married.





Unlimited amount of introductions and dates 

Our main goal as a matchmaker is to find the right partner for our every  client. We know how difficult it is sometimes to find the right person, that's why we don't have any limits in the amount of contacts and dates. Some agencies sell you packages of 3 dates, 5 calls and so on. But what if for you to find the right person you need 4 dates, or 10 video introductions, or even 20, like some of our clients had. This way of work lead us to the highest success rate. 


Women and men pay to join us

Princess Date Matchmaking works only with serious ladies, and it's not just words. Anyone can tell you about their serious intentions, but can you tell if it's true? Our conditions of working with ladies are unique, and to join our agency a client has to: provide her documents and social networks, come to the agency for an interview and PAY A FEE. We are sure that this is the only way to avoid ladies who want to take advantage of a man or scammers.




Dates in country of a man

We believe that for a couple, who has just started a relationship, it's very important to meet within the first 1-2 months after they start to speak online. But what if our male client can't come to Ukraine to meet his lady, he is busy with work or can't leave his children alone. We think that a lady also can travel to the country of her man, because effort should be made from 2 sides: man' and woman's alike. That's why quite often we arrange dates in the country of a man. It really helps a couple to know each other faster, a woman can also see her man's country and city and decide if she feels comfortable there. She can meet her partner's friends and family, and they can convince the lady about her man's good qualities and about local community life in his city, maybe even meet some Russian speaking friends -- that would really be a big advantage for a woman who is going to move to another country.

International relationships is my own story

Saurina Yuliia, the leading matchmaker and founder of PrincessDate Matchmaking:  "I can surely tell my clients a lot about international relationships, not only because I've been in this business for10 years, but also because it's my personal love story too. I know perfectly well what sides of it are challenging, what can be difficult and what can really help you if you are looking for a partner abroad. From the beginning it's very important to be aware of the next steps and what is waiting for you in the process of preparing documents, moving to other country an so on. I love to help people understand this, and most of our couples don't have too many difficulties during the process of building their international relationships :)"

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