Story of our creation...

Our CEO and leading matchmaker Yuliia Saurina:


In 2010, was working in a big beauty salon in the center of Kharkiv. My colleagues were Ukrainian girls - amazingly beautiful, well-educated and smart, family oriented, but 80% of them were single...

​At that time I decided I want to help them find husbands and open the Best Ukrainian Matchmaking Agency. It was a very bad time for dating industry, because it was full of scam, and no men, neither women trusted it
I had high expectations from my colleagues, so I couldn't fail!

In 2 month my first client, her name was Viktoria, went to Denmark to meet a man we found for her

And in just 7 months we already had our first marriage!

Ever since then all our work was built on high principles of trust and care about our clients


We work only with men and women who seriously want to find a partner and get married in the future
​We try to help our clients with suggestions even after they meet each other, and even after they get married, because we know how difficult it is to build a relationship, especially for international couples. Without this way of coaching some of our couples would never be together... Language barrier, different mentality, pressing from friends and families from both sides, and it's just a small of problems that all International couples face during they try to build their relationships... It's really big challenge and WE ARE ALWAYS HERE TO HELP!


I''ve faced all those difficulties myself, because my partner is a foreigner. I know that many things from the beginning are quite challenging and one thing that can really help you it's INFORMATION, you should be prepared for some difficulties, and if you know what problems you can have, you will definitely face them with smile on your face and be completely prepared for that. I made for all of our my YOUTUBE CHANNEL where you can get a lot of useful information about international couples, about relationships with Ukrainian or Russian girls, what is very important and what you should do to make your relationships successful and get to your goal in the end- beautiful and caring wife

I knew by myself already many things about international couples and what you should and you shouldn't do, so our problems were really minimized


Many matchmakers give you advice about international relationships, trying to coach you and explain you how to behave, but mostly all of them they are married to Ukrainian men, and have only theory, but don't know how it will work on practice

That's where I really can help you and give you many useful advices, so please, don't hesitate to contact me and also write your questions in comments in YouTube, I'm always happy to answer and make new videos and give you more information

We really love our work, and wish our clients to be happy with our International Matchmaking Agency, that is the most important for us! 

 Ukraine Kiev

Sechevih Strelcov 77, office 4

Ukraine Kharkov 

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