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Connecting with Ukrainian Slavic women in the USA

Story of our creation...

Our CEO and leading matchmaker Yuliia Saurina:

Our story started long ago... in 2010, when all matchmaking industry in Ukraine was a disaster! It was full of scam, marriage agencies used foreign gentlemen to earn money on chats and letters and put on their websites ladies that don't exist, married girls, or just very young girls looking for sugar daddy and so on . But when I started agency, somehow I put myself in trouble as expectations of my ladies clients, who were REAL UKRAINIAN SINGLE GIRLS were too high and I couldn't fail. So let me start from the beginning...

In 2010, I was working in a big beauty salon in the city center of Kharkiv, Ukraine. My colleagues were Ukrainian girls -- amazingly beautiful, well- educated, smart, family oriented, but 80% of them were single...


​At that time I decided I want to help them find a husband as I was traveling a lot, I met many international couples and somohow I thought that this couples are the best! As they bring all the best from both their cultures to their families. I really was so inspired... and I promised myself- I will open the Best Ukrainian Matchmaking Agency it will be only real genuine and family oriented people, who don't want to limit themselves and date only neighbors or people from their city. In my database I will have ones, who are ready to do some efforts to find a TRUE LOVE in the end, and be happy . But as I said before those were really bad times for dating industry, because it was full of scam, and nor men, neither women trusted it. I insured my colleagues that they should give a try! I also understood them that time, girls was worrying that men come to Ukraine just for dates, without serious intentions, like a sex tourists, they could have some mental problems and after marriage girl can be in danger and so on. But I took the responsibility on me as on a matchmaker, I said that that I will screen all the profiles, check their background, I will do everything to find the best gentlemen for them! Yes, I had high expectations from my colleagues, so I couldn't fail!

My sister helped me to make a photo shooting for my colleagues, we registered girls in database and started the process! And in 2 months already my first client, her name was Viktoria, went to Denmark to meet a man we found for her! You can not imagine all her doubts and worries, but that real date was just fantastic for both of them! They didn't get married, BUT at least 3 years were in a serious relationships! That time he told us that we are the first marriage agency in Ukraine, who didn't insist him to come to Ukraine, but instead lady come to see him and it really showed that she is looking for husband, not just go out for dinner with foreigner as other girls in scam agencies in Ukraine

And in just 7 months we already had our first marriage! That time I really understood who I started all that... not just because I want to have my own business, earn more money, work with people from all around the world... yes it was definitely some percentage of that in mh wish, BUT the most important it's because I needed to see that crying eyes and words... Julia, you changed my life, I found a love of my life... Never been so happy in my life... This is why we all international matchmakers work, to hear this words ​

Since that time we working non stop, for sure we struggled so much, we survived war in Doneck, I still remember how we took our client from Doneck airport and it was already military there on the way.... after Covid, after War in Ukraine 2022, BUT this is what I should do, this is my calling, my dharma, me and my team doesn't matter what is happening in the world they are ready any time to arrange introductions, help our couple with advice and even arrange trip for our beautiful couples to meet, and we will never stop!

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