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Single Ukrainian girls and women in Europe

Why are there so many single Ukrainian women in Europe?

Today, Ukraine is faced with unprecedented challenges that make lives hard for men and women alike. While men are bound to stay in the country to serve it if need be, many women decide or are forced to leave. This concerns women with small children in particular but not only, of course. As a result, we see millions of Ukrainian girls living in the EU now.

Myths about single Ukrainian women in Europe

  • One of the most widespread myths is that single Ukrainian women in Europe are there in search of “a better life”. In reality, many Ukrainian ladies were already well-established with successful careers back home. Their move to Europe was primarily driven by personal safety concerns, and many of them feel homesick and plan to return to Ukraine as soon as circumstances allow.


  • Another myth is that unmarried Ukrainian Girls in Europe are gold-diggers and scammers. This might stem from the 2000s trend among many so-called ‘marriage agencies’, where there were no real women involved – it was a money-making business. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. Not only are single Ukrainian women in Europe ready for marriage and committed relationships, but also capable of providing for themselves and their children, and often support their families back in Ukraine. This shift has opened the door for single Ukrainian women in Europe for serious relationships as most of them genuinely want to find their life partner 

Advantages of relationships with Ukrainian women in Europe

Many men today are in search of single Ukrainian girls in Europe for serious relationships. But what makes them so attractive? 

  • Natural beauty. Ask any man – this is the first thing they mention. Ukrainian ladies are renowned for their charm and they simply love to be good-looking, thus investing a lot of effort into looking their best. They always look feminine and stand out from the crowd in any European city. 

  • Intelligence. Ukrainian women are well-educated and smart. Very often they have to provide for themselves and their children with little to no support from their ex-partners, so they need to be proactive and resourceful.

  • Family values. Family values are highly cherished by Ukrainian women. They deeply care for their partners, children, and relationships. They want to have a family, children, and their beloved husband beside them – for almost every single Ukrainian lady in Europe, this is the vision of perfect happiness.

How can I get a girlfriend from Ukraine in Europe?

Now that you know a bit about them, that’s a question you might be asking. There are multiple ways to meet a Ukrainian girl. You can try your luck and travel to one of the cities in the EU and meet someone on the street, in a cafe, or club. That’s if you have time and confidence this will work out. Chances are, you’ll end up wasting time and money.


But there’s a tried and tested method – it’s through a matchmaking agency that you can meet a special Ukrainian lady with no complications. Complete your profile, specify your requirements, and get introduced – easy as that! The agency will even help you establish a connection during your first online date, ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease.

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