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My name is Julia and I have been an international matchmaker from Ukraine for already more than 9 years. During this time I've helped more than 700 amazing people to meet, and my dream is to multiply this number by a hundred!

I'm very happy to welcome you on my new
matchmaking and dating agency website!
Our Agency's service is totally different from our competitors', because I want my clients to meet ASAP and I don't want them to waste precious time and money on hundreds of letters and chats. That's why all our system is designed for you to meet and get to know your lady faster.

We guarantee your first meeting in just one month if you sign with us, and we don't ask you to join our program for a minimum number of months or years.
Your result is my goal, and I treat every client like my dear friend. And we will become friends for sure !


Our privileges


You get unlimited video dates and real dates for the whole duration of your membership package!

We don't sell dates or calls! 

We are a Matchmaking agency, that's why we don't charge for meetings. Our main goal is to give you a possibility to speak with a lady as much as you need to know her better and feel if she is the one for you!

First Date in your country

There are not many agencies in this world that can arrange the first date in the country where you live. Usually marriage agencies insist on coming to visit Ukraine to have several dates with an interpreter -- that gives them an opportunity to charge you more! We believe that a lady who is interested in a man doesn't mind visiting his country first, because she needs to see his lifestyle, his country, and such meetings are usually more private and really give the couple a better chance to know each other and start a beautiful relationship!

Girls PAY

We don't think it's fair when men pay for all services and women don't. If you don't pay - you feel like you don't have any responsibilities whatsoever! A woman can show her interest ONLY IF  she also PAYS A FEE to join our matchmaking agency. This how our agency completely avoids scam! And we are THE ONLY ONE AGENCY, which works in accordance with this principle.

24/7 Support

We really care....

And these are not just words.

Some of our clients are really curious if we have any weekends or vacations at all. Because we are always here to help and do our job. Finding a better half is not an easy process, which definitely takes a lot of effort, so couples really need our support! We know that some misunderstandings or cultural differences can destroy relationships, and a couple that could be happy together can brake up and never see each other again. That's why our team is always ready to help and support our dear clients!

Our recent Marriages


19.12.2020 Juan and Alena


Our marriage agency in Kiev works to see those happy smiles, and we have yet another succesful case. 

We are happy to announce that now there is one more international couple in Spain!

17.10.2020 Natalia and Marco


It's priceless to understand that these two would have never met without our help. We are genuinely proud of it!

Our matchmaking agency Princess Date and our leading matchmaker Yuliia Saurina works every day for you to say "I'M IN LOVE"!

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New ladies presentations

Here are our amazing beauties. You can see more profiles in

Anastasiia 29
Anastasiia 29
Tatyana 34
Tatyana 34
Marina 31
Marina 31
Oksana 33
Oksana 33
Lyudmila 33
Lyudmila 33
Mila 37
Mila 37
Daria  31
Daria 31
Valeria  21
Valeria 21
Irina 41
Irina 41

On our YouTube channel you can always find a lot of useful information 

How to find the right agency for you?


     Sometimes men dream about one thing, but start to look for another, for example you are dreaming about a beautiful slavic wife, but keep searching for Matchmaking agency USA, dating agency in Canada, or l'agency matrimonial France .... Why so? If you already feel disappointed with the relationships you've been trying to build in your country, this is the perfect time to look for something completely different!                                                            

Of course there is always a risk not to find anyone, or to find someone who is not actually good for you.                 

    One of my clients told me how he joined a Matchmaking agency in Texas and during one year he didn't get any introductions at all! Can you imagine that? All our clients get their first introductions within the first week! Because ladies in Ukraine are not that spoiled and they are very family-oriented, that's why their main goal is to actually find a husband.                     

    So if you've never tried to find a Ukrainian wife until now, just check the information, find an agency that you really like and feel comfortable to work with, and go ahead without any doubts and trust me, it will deliver great results!                                                                                      

How to get married with Ukrainian girls?


      Would you believe me if I said that it's quite easy?     Many of you will say that they've tried so many times and it didn't work, or they've had some problems with girls from Ukraine.                                                            

      Usually the problem was that a lady was not serious, or her expectations were too high, or she asked for too many things... But my dear friend, you need to understand the psychology of Ukrainian girls and psychology of Russian girls, which are actually the same.      

Read more, watch more videos on my YouTube channel and you will see, that Ukrainian ladies very often behave like Eastern women, they expect the man to be strong and take action! Don't expect for her to call you first or answer you, don't expect her to be completely independent and that she won't ask anything from you.                                          

     These things are important to know to behave the right way and give your lady an opportunity to feel calm and safe with you. This is what the most of Russian girls are looking for. So be active, be strong, make your decisions fast, show her that with you she will be safe and trust me, you will get married quite soon!