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Certified Matchmaker Saurina Yuliia
by British Matchmaking Academy

Welcome to Princess Date Matchmaking!

If you are here, it means you are looking for a life partner, and as an open minded person you don't  limit yourself with by your city or your country only... Because we never know where is our perfect match living in.

Service of Princess Date Matchmaking is a great opportunity to meet ladies from Eastern Europe and mostly from Ukraine for serious relationships and marriage.

Our biggest advantage is that we are working for your success, that's why we give out clients opportunity to meet as many people as they need to find the right one.

Our service only for conscious people, who plan to have a serious relationships leading to marriage. That's why we have prescreening with all the people who want to join to understand our mutual goals.

If you sincerely and with open heart looking for a love of your life- don't hesitate to send us a request and we will book a call with you in a nearest time!


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How to understand that relationships with Ukrainian woman will work for you?

День вышиванки

       Everyday we are getting hundreds of requests of our potential clients who want to find Ukrainian woman for marriage. Many of you think about that as a beautiful dream, but in reality this relationships won't work for all.

       So for which type of man relations with Ukrainian lady will be perfect and what you can expect from Ukrainian wife?

       First- is that Ukrainian lady will definitely will be good match for man with traditional family values. Where the man is a head of the family and woman likes to be in traditional female role: take care of children,cook delicious dinners, make the house home. Like we say in Ukraine: man take care of everything outside of the house, protect woman and....


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