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Princess Date Matchmaking: Meet Beautiful and Serious Women

Are you tired of swiping through dating apps, only to match with people who aren't serious about finding true love? Look no further than Princess Date Matchmaking, where our database is full of stunning, intelligent, and accomplished Ukrainian women who are ready to find their match.


Our matchmaking service goes beyond just physical attraction. We prioritize education, intelligence, and great conversation skills in our search for the perfect match for our clients. 


Being a part of our database means that men and women are serious about finding a long-term, committed relationship. Our screening process ensures that our clients are matched with women who share the same values and goals in life.


So why waste time with superficial dating apps and short-lived flings? Join Princess Date Matchmaking today and start meeting women who are beautiful, intelligent, and ready for something serious.

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What sets us apart from other matchmakers?

- Providing a pool of 600+ individuals who are interested in starting a family

- Giving clients unlimited introductions to potential partners 

- Demonstrating a track record of 13 years of successful work in matchmaking 

- A proven history of creating 150 successful couples through their agency 

- Offering ongoing support to clients from their team 

- Providing dating coaching services to help individuals improve their chances of finding a suitable partner.

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Meet our amazing ladies

Our database includes Slavic women who live in a different parts of the world and are willing to relocate to their future husband's city or country. These ladies are seeking a long-term relationship which could potentially develop into something more.

Learn all about the remarkable Yuliia Saurina- our very own star matchmaker!


 At just 25, she founded her own matchmaking agency driven by her passion to help people find love. Having obtained her certification from the British Matchmaking academy, Yuliia embarked on a journey that others felt was impossible - to connect people through professional matchmaking. Her track record speaks volumes - not only has she matched her own family and friends, but even her interpreter and teacher have found happiness through her expert guidance. 


However, it's not just her profession that sets Yuliia apart. Her belief in a higher power fuels her approach to matchmaking as she feels that through her work, the universe can bring people together in love. Unlike other matchmakers who may treat their clients impersonally, Yuliia is like a loving mother to those she serves. She'll tell it like it is, even if it's hard to hear, as ultimately her goal is to ensure a successful match and a happy marriage.


Lastly, Yuliia has a clear set of values that guide her in choosing who to work with. A strong believer in mutual respect and inclusivity, she only accepts clients who uphold similar values in religion, culture, and more. This way, she ensures that her work advances the cause of love and happiness, building a global community along the way.

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День вышиванки

How to understand that relationships with Ukrainian woman will work for you?

       Everyday we are getting hundreds of requests of our potential clients who want to find Ukrainian woman for marriage. Many of you think about that as a beautiful dream, but in reality this relationships won't work for all.

       So for which type of man relations with Ukrainian lady will be perfect and what you can expect from Ukrainian wife?

       First- is that Ukrainian lady will definitely will be good match for man with traditional family values. Where the man is a head of the family and woman likes to be in traditional female role: take care of children,cook delicious dinners, make the house home. Like we say in Ukraine: man take care of everything outside of the house, protect woman and....

What will you get with Princess Date Matchmaking

It's not a secret that nowadays matchmaking service became so popular and gives opportunity to find perfect match for singles from all around the world. We are not limited as it could be 100 year before when people can only send each other letters, but now with easy communication and help of international matchmaker you can easily find someone from different country and even continent 

But here we won't to tell not about information in general, but specifically our system and program and

what you will get from our matchmaking service:

1.  You will get opportunity to be introduced with serious genuine slavic ladies who are open to move to the country of her future husband

2.  You will get ability to speak even with girls who doesn't speak your language, as we provide our clients with translation service that is included in the price 

3.  You don't need to worry about your mentality differences and things that you may not understand in relationships with Ukrainian woman- We are always here to help! We always support our clients and give them dating advices that can improve their relationships! We ARE professionals!

4.  You will get free service from our dating coach she is also psychologist, as some of our clients had destructive relationships in the past, some went through divorce, some just need support, we are here and always ready to listen

5.  We will help you to organize your first date in your country or country of lady, this is very important step after online communication, so our duty to make both our clients feel comfortable

6.  We will give you the opportunity to meet as many people as you need to find the right one for you! It doesn't mean support non stop dating and for 20% of clients only 1-2 introductions is more then enough to find someone they were looking for, but if you are in other 80 we won't limit you with 5-6 introductions per year! Meet as many people as you need to find a right partner for you!

It's really great achievement and happiness to find your real man... I'm 29 years old and I was looking for a good guy here, but it didn't work out... thank you agency Princess Date Matchmaking, I met Kelvin and he became my real true love, my husband....I was thinking it would be problems with mentality and understanding, but I was wrong...Thank you so much for your help and support! and wish you good luck!

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