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773 Katrina 27

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Age: 27

City: Dubai

Country: UAE

Height: 172

Weight: 51kg

Marital status: never married

Eyes Color: brown

Hair Color: blond

Religion: christian

Children: no

Looking for an age range: 27-37

Occupation: Smm Language: English fluent

Drinking: socially

Smoking: no Level education: university degree Zodiac sign: Leo

More about lady:


I'm the kind of person who's all about understanding, love, and embracing my emotions. I've always trusted my instincts and feelings to guide me through life. Growing up in a warm and caring family, I've got this ideal model of strong, affectionate relationships that I'm striving to emulate. Creativity runs in my veins – I've recently uncovered a talent for oil painting, and I'm dedicating time to both classes and practice to nurture this skill. Finding equilibrium is vital to me; I make sure to nurture my soul and body in equal measure.

What really captivates me is delving into the realm of soul knowledge and psychology. The more I learn, the more I uncover answers to the questions that intrigue me. My days are often filled with physical activities like sports, daily stretches, yoga, and dancing. But what truly lights me up is engaging with captivating people – be it family, friends, or anyone intriguing. When someone becomes a part of my life, it's not by chance; I'm very loyal and committed, regardless of the circumstances.

History and religion are also areas that spark my curiosity. Exploring the vast expanse of our universe through these lenses is something I enjoy. My romantic and feminine side is a big part of who I am, so being embraced for who I am, without the need for change, is incredibly important.

Description of ideal partner:

I envision a partner who possesses a kind heart and genuine intentions toward women. This man values and respects others, including his parents. Love fills his heart, and he's eager to share it with those around him. Positivity is his default mode, as he avoids passing judgment, recognizing its pitfalls. He thrives on the motivation that fuels his pursuit of new goals in life. He's attuned to a woman's needs, offering unwavering support without criticism, surrounding her with care and warmth.

I find myself drawn to men who view women like flowers, and themselves as gardeners. With him by her side, a woman can bloom and fully embrace her womanhood, her feminine qualities enhanced because he tends to her with devotion. I hold onto the hope of finding a partner who embodies honesty and kindness, and in return, I'm eager to reciprocate with love and my very best self.

Does she want to live in a city or a countryside ?

Two variants are possible

Does she want to work or stay at home after moving to her husband`s country ?

It will depends on country of my future husband but I'm open for both ways.

Will she be ready to spend 2nd date without interpreter ?


Does she like to cook ?


What kind of things she can`t accept in a man ?

I never will acept lies. It will be finish our relationship .

Is she ready to have a relationship with a man who already has children ?


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