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785 Yolanta 41

Age: 41

City: Arenas de San Pedro

Country: Spain

Height: 170

Weight: 53 kg

Marital status: divorced

Eyes Color: green

Hair Color: blond

Religion: no religion

Children: boy(2015), boy(2009) Looking for an age range: 41-51

Occupation: founder of the online course Language: English-elementary, Spanish-elementary, Polish-elementary

Drinking: no Smoking: no Level education: university degree Zodiac sign: Leo

More about lady:


I am quite a romantic person, quite active, I get bored doing one thing, I am always interested in learning and developing. I enjoy living a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle. I like to harmonize the space around me and the people in it. Life is like art. Whatever I do has its own aesthetic. My plans are to develop online courses on sculptural gardening, write a manual book “Topiary Art”, create a nursery of topiary-shaped bushes and create a therapeutic garden.

I am interested in spiritual and personal development. A healthy lifestyle is a must have. Take care of your body and the emotional health of the whole family, and mine even more so. A happy woman means a happy man and children.

I love painting landscapes and flowers with vegetable oil. When I travel, I always take paints with me in the car or on the plane. Some people bring magnets from their travels, but I bring my painted landscapes. I can create something unique and beautiful from minimal or ordinary things. Inspire others to pass on the torch of “infecting aesthetics.” I always have a lot of ideas, and even more so, there is no boredom in my life.

Description of ideal partner:

My man and partner has an open and loving heart. Responsible, sociable, erudite, cheerful, humorous and empathic. Able to make clear decisions, courageous and strong-willed. Knows how to show love and support. Has entrepreneurial ability, earns enough and even more money for life, recreation, development of projects and investments. Financially literate, well-mannered, and has high emotional intelligence. Word and action have weight for him and are identical.

I feel close to him and can express myself freely. He enjoys outdoor activities - traveling, mountain biking, swimming, being interested in yachting and sometimes lying on the sand with me). He loves animals in general, nature and people.

A person who accepts and loves children. If he has his own children, no problem. It is important to understand the needs of children. It is also important for him to hear his partner, feel, take into account her needs and respect her admiration.

His priority is a healthy lifestyle and ecological relationships in couples and people. Generous, lives in abundance and harmony with himself. And to be yourself!

Does she want to live in a city or a countryside ?

Two variants are possible.

Does she want to work or stay at home after moving to her husband`s country ?

It will depends on country of my future husband but I'm open for both ways.

Will she be ready to spend 2nd date without interpreter ?


Does she like to cook ?

I can and love to cook. I also love it when a man enjoys preparing signature dishes.

What kind of things she can`t accept in a man ?

I never will acept lies. It will be finish our relationship.

Is she ready to have a relationship with a man who already has children ?


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