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787 Oksana 45

Age: 45

City: London

Country: Great Britain

Height: 160

Weight: 65 kg

Marital status: divorced

Eyes Color: grey

Hair Color: brown

Religion: Christian

Children: no

Looking for an age range: 45-55

Occupation: Beauty therapist

Language: English fluent

Drinking: no Smoking: no Level education: Bachelors Degree Zodiac sign: Scorpius

More about lady:


I am a calm, attentive, caring, kind, gentle girl. I was born in a small and very beautiful resort town, surrounded by the sea and mountains, so I have loved nature and beauty since childhood. I grew up in a full-fledged family, so family values ​​and traditions are important to me, and in future relationships I am looking for a strong family, understanding, care and love. I have lived in London for the past 10 years, but every year I look forward to going home again to visit my mother and see family and friends. I love travel, the sun, summer, I instantly feel like I’m coming to life. Like any girl, I like shopping, it’s a way for me to relieve stress after a hard week at work.

Description of ideal partner:

I want to meet a person so that together we can feel comfortable, joyful and good. It is important for me that the relationship is harmonious and filled with reciprocity, support and love. I'm looking for a man who can really be called strong, reliable, smart. I like men with a sense of humor, who know how to take responsibility, who are attentive and balanced. In relationships, I value a sense of peace and stability - this allows me to fully express myself as a woman, love and care for him.

Does she want to live in a city or a countryside ?

Two variants are possible.

Does she want to work or stay at home after moving to her husband`s country ?

It will depends on country of my future husband but I'm open for both ways.

Will she be ready to spend 2nd date without interpreter ?


Does she like to cook ?


What kind of things she can`t accept in a man ?

I never will acept lies. It will be finish our relationship .

Is she ready to have a relationship with a man who already has children ?


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