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846 Anna 42

Updated: Apr 17

Age: 42

City: Wales

Country: Great Britain

Height: 171

Weight: 60 kg

Marital status: never married

Eyes Color: hazel

Hair Color: blond

Religion: Christian

Children: girl (2017)

Looking for an age range: 42-52

Occupation: not with at the moment

Language: English- basic

Drinking: socially Smoking: no Level education: Bachelors Degree Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

More about lady:


As a Sagittarius, I'm a mix of stubbornness and calmness, able to create a cozy home atmosphere even though I'm not your typical

homemaker. My beliefs give me strength, but I steer clear of unnecessary conflicts.

I'm great at making connections, nurturing others, and I love giving gifts. But, I'll admit, I stick to my opinions strongly. Luckily, I forgive

and forget quickly, believing in the power of my desires and embracing Feng Shui.

Life excites me, and I'm proud of what I've achieved. I'm always ready to help, and communication, problem-solving, and staying

positive are big for me. While people like my optimism, I'm also quite sensitive, especially to romantic movies.

Description of ideal partner:

In a partner, I want kindness, attentiveness, and peace, caring more about what's inside rather than outside. I admire men who take care

of themselves and are good with kids and animals. Sure, I joke about finding a billionaire, who I will happily make a millionaire, but I

actually value a man's ability to earn and his drive for self- improvement, especially in business. In marriage, I just want a comfortable life with the basics covered - a home, car, food, clothes, and travel. Private jets? That’s an excess. And even though I crave a peaceful family life, I always find myself back at work, or find myself a project, since I just like feeling needed and useful. I think family happiness comes from respecting, understanding, and loving each other. Whether we're doing things together or pursuing our own interests. For me, the best part of family life is seeing kids happy - that's what really brings me joy.

Does she want to live in a city or a countryside ?

Two variants are possible.

Does she want to work or stay at home after moving to her husband`s country ?

It will depends on country of my future husband but I'm open for both ways.

Will she be ready to spend 2nd date without interpreter ?


Does she like to cook ?


What kind of things she can`t accept in a man ?

I never will acept lies. It will be finish our relationship .

Is she ready to have a relationship with a man who already has children ?


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